Naked girl peeing in the tub


Sophia is one kinky babe and when a guy she had just started seeing suggested that they try investigating a few fetishes she couldn’t say no. Sophia is the type of girl who will try anything as long as it guarantees that she winds up getting her tight slit pounded so everything that her boyfriend suggested she was up for trying. One night though Sophie wound up getting in to quite a few different things at once but it all made her feel so amazing that she just couldn’t stop herself!

The night started when she wanted to fuck with her stockings on but her fuck buddy asked her to get them wet so as she stood in the shower getting her stockings wet she told him that she had to take a piss. He begged her to piss right there in the tub so he could see her peeing and with a grin she squatted over the tub and started to take a piss! As she pissed she saw her fuck buddy’s cock getting harder and harder and soon that fat cock was out and begging to fuck her piss covered pussy! The more she pissed the more excited he got!

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