Girl peeing through her denim jeans


Sarah had been waiting for over an hour for her bus to arrive and in that time everyone else that had been standing at the bus stop had already caught their bus and she was the only one left standing there. The longer she stood there the more desperate she got to take a piss but she had been waiting so long that she was sure that as soon as she stepped away to go take a piss, the bus would show up. Soon Sarah realized that she had no other choice because she had waited just too long and now she couldn’t even walk to find a bathroom because she was so desperate!

As she stood there she looked around to make sure that no one was watching her and then with what started as one little trickle she started to pee her pants. At first she just let a little piss go but then she couldn’t stop it and soon she was soaked in piss. It dribbled down her thighs and soaked her jeans and soon it was streaming on to the floor as Sarah stood there embarrassed!

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