Drunk Babes Arguing at the Bar

When it comes to drunk babes they are the main reason that any guy becomes a bartender and stays a bartender. He knows better than anyone else what drunk chicks are like and he’s happy to take advantage of that and to make sure that every woman goes home happy. This guy has been bartending for more than ten years and he’s had the best experiences with drunk babes at his bar.

One night at closing time he saw these three drunk women getting in a heated disagreement. He doesn’t like fighting in his bar so he went to break it up. Everyone else in the bar had left and he wanted to get home. Well, until he found out what they were fighting about. These three drunk women were having a big arguement about who could get a guy off with a handjob faster! Can you believe it. When he came over they took one look at him, stripped off his jeans, and started to prove their points. They demonstrated some pretty awesome hand job techniques. Only one could be the best though. He knew that they were all going to take turns wacking him off but that’s the life of a bartender! You gotta keep your customers happy if you want them to come back and these are they exact type of women that he wants back in his bar more often!

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